Alignment & Focus

Upon meeting with a client partner, we create a target list of 20 – 25 companies that align with the assigned role both in industry focus and location. Our search team then identifies comparable roles within these organizations and recruits accordingly. This process ensures a specific, focused approach that can be later expanded and allows delivery of highly-qualified candidates in a 21-day timeframe. By using our targeted approach, we do not rely solely on job board postings or resume-pushing techniques and can present meticulously-selected slates of candidates.

Niche Resources

In addition to utilizing targeted research tools, we leverage groups and associations as well. These niche resources allow us to build diverse candidate pools. Regular engagements with online communities and professional forums strengthen the quality of candidates we produce.


One of the Largest

Over the last 18 years, HMB Executive Recruiting has assembled and cultivated a national network of 12,000+ professional relationships. As a result, we have one of the largest referral and passive job seeker lists of any national search organization.

Access to Passive Candidates

It is from these CxO relationships that we receive the majority of our passive candidate referrals at all levels. Through these groups, we provide access to passive candidates who would be inaccessible through traditional sourcing methods.

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